How much does it cost to use Securexchange?

The Securexchange service is complementary to InfoTrack customers. It’s our way of enhancing the broader InfoTrack experience and giving back to our client community. We have introduced this product at no charge to accelerate the path to secure property exchanges.

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What is a transaction space?

It is a unique space created by a REA, lawyer or conveyancer to invite parties to view, share and collaborate on a property transaction. There are no limits on the number of transactions that can be created. Ideally, for each property, a space should be created for each property transaction [...]

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What is InfoTrack Guarantee?

The InfoTrack Guarantee gives you peace of mind when transferring funds. InfoTrack guarantees up to A$1,000,000 per Conveyancing Transaction in circumstances when you have transferred funds to the trust account details entered by you in Securexchange and verified by us. What does this mean? If you have: transferred funds using [...]

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Can I share a contract of sale with parties?

Securexchange is integrated with the InfoTrack platform, so sharing your electronic Contract of Sale is only a click away if you're an InfoTrack customer. If you aren't an InfoTrack customer, you can still easily upload a Contract of Sale from your desktop or a drive into the transaction workspace and [...]

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What parties can be invited?

Registered users such as REAs, lawyers or conveyancers can invite a Purchaser, Vendor or their Solicitors. An email invite will be sent out when the parties are added, all you need is an email and mobile number to get your invitees on board.

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Who can see my Trust Account?

The Trust Account details are visible only to the party you invite to view. Other parties may be able to view contracts and collaborate, however, are unable to view account details. So, you’re in control of who you invite and share the account details with.

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