The InfoTrack Guarantee gives you peace of mind when transferring funds. InfoTrack guarantees up to A$1,000,000 per Conveyancing Transaction in circumstances when you have transferred funds to the trust account details entered by you in Securexchange and verified by us.

What does this mean?

If you have:

  1. transferred funds using Securexchange; and
  2. the funds are for a Conveyancing Transaction; and
  3. funds are lost due to third party intervention,

we will make sure you get your funds back up to the value of A$1,000,0000 per Conveyancing Transaction. If this happens, get in touch by emailing us at We will then verify your claim and get back to you.

InfoTrack reserves the right to withdraw the InfoTrack Guarantee at anytime. When making a claim, the decision of InfoTrack is final.

What is a “Conveyancing Transaction”?

When we use “Conveyancing Transaction” we mean a transaction primarily involving the transfer of ownership of a legal title of land to the new owner, whether it be a from a person or entity.

What if my transaction if not a Conveyancing Transaction?

You can still use Securexchange’s platform to transfer other funds (for example, settlement funds, costs ect), however the InfoTrack Guarantee does not apply to non-Conveyancing Transactions.