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Securexchange is now integrated with AgentApp, a popular mobile app built by Inspect Real Estate and used by agents across Australia. Agents can request deposit funds conveniently and securely using the new “Request Deposit” feature within AgentApp; which not only safe-guards their financial details from cyber-criminals but also makes it easy & convenient to communicate with buyers without relying on emails, thus saving them time.

Benefits of Agent App and Securexchange

  • Securely share financial details with buyers for deposits
  • Securexchange guarantees the funds when details are shared within our platform
  • Easy and convenient way of communicating with buyers

With AgentApp, inspection management is just the beginning.

AgentApp is so much more than a tool to facilitate the capture of prospective buyers’ contact details at property inspections. It’s an intuitive, feature-rich system that’s delivering incredible efficiency and value to agents right around Australia. From streamlining the inspection process to facilitating communication and helping you identify future sellers, AgentApp does it all.

  • Capture accurate buyer details when prospective purchasers use the ‘Book an Inspection’ button on  realestate.com.au or your website
  • ‘Check in’ buyers prior to or at the inspection
  • Record buyers’ comments on the spot, quickly and easily, before they leave the property
  • Keep your owners informed with detailed, post-inspection reporting
  • Communicate seamlessly using our SMART MESSAGING® with buyers and sellers via SMS and email with your own unique message
  • Create and manage your pipeline of future sellers.
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