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Having insurance in place when something goes wrong is important, however prevention is always better than the cure. Securing the exchange of sensitive information can help minimise the opportunity of a cyber event, and professional negligence. Being a leading innovator in legal technology, Securexchange prides itself on bringing you relevant products that will benefit the efficiency and workflow in your business, so Aon and Securexchange have formed an alliance.

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Why cyber insurance for real estate professionals?

Every business using the Internet is at risk from a cyber event. Beyond this, cyber-crime claims over 1 million victims per day, costing Australian businesses $4.5 billion annually1. While prevention is always recommended, sometimes it may not be enough. This is where taking cyber insurance as a real estate professional can play an invaluable role in protecting your agency.

Why professional indemnity insurance for real estate professionals?

As a real estate professional, if one of your clients suffers loss due to your professional negligence, there’s a chance they will take legal action against your business. It’s an unfortunate reality that just one small mistake, error of judgement, injury or perceived bad advice can lead to a claim – and potentially cost you both professionally and financially.

Aon arranges professional indemnity insurance which has been designed for real estate professionals’ common risks, and with flexible cover options you can start now and help protect your business and your livelihood.

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