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Exciting new Securexchange features for real estate agents

We’ve been working hard to launch an exciting range of improved features in Securexchange for New South Wales, helping to make the property transaction process even more efficient.

Our latest features that real estate agents can expect to benefit from include:

  • Request a signed 66W:
    Simply request a Section 66W from the property purchaser’s representative and we’ll generate it for them to sign.

  • Optional emails to your clients for quick signing and exchange:
    Invitation emails are now optional in Securexchange. Set up your workspace so that your client will only receive an email when there’s action required from them.

  • Agentbox Integration:
    This integration is specifically for real estate agents who are both Securexchange and Agentbox clients. It allows you to easily create property sales, pull contact details, contracts, and other documents from your Agentbox listings.

  • Digital two contract exchange:
    An exciting digital two contract workflow recently launched in the platform, which has been designed to mirror the real-world exchange process where a vendor and a buyer sign two copies of a contract before they are exchanged. This development supports the everyday process to be completed in the Securexchange platform, for a quicker and more efficient contract transfer between both parties.

  • Set up staff on your behalf:
    You now have the capability to set up another staff member to use Securexchange on your behalf, to assist throughout a transaction. All correspondence will still come from you and you’ll continue to receive email notifications from the workspace.

  • DocuSign envelopes are now open to all colleagues in the workspace:
    It’s no longer a requirement that the person who sent a contract to be signed needs to be the one to exchange it. Any admin level user can now jump in to support and exchange the contract.

Watch our video below for a short preview of how Securexchange works.

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