Securexchange is a secure website that protects property transactions from hackers by allowing property buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lawyers and conveyancers to communicate and confirm sensitive information, such as documents and bank account details, in a safe environment. The platform is only accessible to verified users and requires multi-factor authentication every time you log in for additional security.

It’s recommended that real estate agents and lawyers and conveyancers use Securexchange to ensure the safe exchange of information and secure transfer of property deposits.

It is currently complimentary to use Securexchange when signing and exchanging a contract of sale.

There are two basic account types when signing up to Securexchange. Sign up as a real estate agent or lawyer or conveyancer and then follow the prompts to complete the process.

For creating an account with Securexchange, you’ll require a valid email address and a mobile number.

There are two types of verification:

  1. The verification of the user (real estate agent, lawyer or conveyancer), and
  2. The verification of the Trust Account.


These can both be done separately.

Conveyancers, lawyers and real estate agents can immediately create a workspace, even if you are not verified, however you need to be verified to create a transaction.

No. Securexchange is integrated with the InfoTrack platform, enabling Electronic Contracts of Sale to be shared with a single click. However, it also allows for a range of other documents to be uploaded for sharing in the secure transaction workspace.

Securexchange is integrated with the InfoTrack platform, so sharing your electronic Contract of Sale is only a click away if you’re an existing customer. If you aren’t an InfoTrack customer, you can still easily upload a Contract of Sale into the transaction workspace and invite parties to view them.

Securexchange supports creating requests for multiple funds, such as balance of funds for settlement, refunds, or anything else you might be requesting throughout a property transaction.

Please note, the funds need to be linked to your verified trust account(s).

The InfoTrack Guarantee gives you peace of mind by protecting your clients funds for up to A$1,000,000 when trust or bank details are securely shared within Securexchange and verified by us.

What does this mean?

If you have transferred funds using Securexchange and funds are lost due to third party intervention, we will ensure you get your funds back for up to the value of A$1,000,0000 per transaction. If this happens, you can get in touch by emailing us at support@securexchange.com.au and we can investigate your claim.

InfoTrack reserves the right to withdraw the InfoTrack Guarantee at any time. When making a claim, the decision is at InfoTrack’s discretion.

Trust Account details are only visible to the party you invite to view. Other parties may be able to view contracts and collaborate, however they’re unable to view account details. You’re in control of who you invite and share account details with.

A unique workspace is created by a real estate agent, lawyer or conveyancer to invite parties into to view, share and collaborate on a property transaction. There are no limits on the number of transactions that can be created. We recommend a dedicated space is created for each transaction and should be used for all communications and documents for that property.

Registered users, such as real estate agents, lawyers or conveyancers can invite a purchaser, vendor or their legal representatives into the workspace. An email invite will be sent to the parties when they are added to the platform. An email address and mobile number is required to get your invitees on board.

Yes, vendors and purchasers can join Securexchange by invitation through their real estate agent, lawyer or conveyancer. Ask an agent, lawyer or conveyancer if they’re an authorised user of Securexchange, so you have peace of mind when it comes to transferring property funds.