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A secure property exchange workspace

Securexchange simplifies and protects all parties in a property transaction by securing and streamlining the workflow for all stakeholders in the property ecosystem.

Proudly used by innovative companies

Digital security technology for property professionals

Securexchange allows property transactions to be completed in an award-winning, secure workspace. The solution is protected using the latest security defences to mitigate risks, including:

Securexchange is Powered by InfoTrack AI

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the way we build and interact with technology. With AI now mainstream, more and more businesses are rushing to incorporate it.

Our award-winning solution Securexchange is built using Artificial Intelligence to support contract analysis and auto-tagging.
Client funds are protected for up $1 million when trust or bank details are securely shared in the platform.
60 Secs
Simple and user-friendly
In as little as 60 seconds, you can securely share bank details and sensitive documents.
1 hour
Save time
We’d save on average an hour per conveyancing/property matter.

Unlocking efficiency and transparency

This simple, user-friendly ecosystem allows for all parties to benefit from the efficiency and transparency of a seamless workflow. What all professionals can expect when using Securexchange.
Quickly create your white labelled workspace, and easily send invitations to all parties.
Seamless property deal execution experience on desktop and mobile.
Track your progress easily by receiving instant notifications when parties join a transaction or perform any actions.

Securexchange Workflow

Securexchange is dedicated to simplifying the process of a property transaction, making it more collaborative for all parties involved.

Download the Securexchange workflows for a comprehensive breakdown of each role throughout an exchange.

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Success stories

We couldn’t be happier with the functionality and features of the product, nor with the support provided. It is a vital tool to the running of our business.
Judy Morris & Associates
Joey Maher
Securexchange is easy to use and we’ve had good feedback from vendors. 

Mana Real Estate
Michelle Hall
I’m really pleased that you have developed a product that truly provides benefit to all.
Director of Realmark Coastal
Gayle Adams
As shared in the media
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