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How property professionals can improve the buying experience: the soft skills that matter

The decision to put an offer on a property is a pivotal moment for buyers. The concept of home ownership is not just a financial milestone, but a symbol of stability, security and personal achievement.

Amidst often heightened anxiety, navigating the transaction process can introduce a whole new rollercoaster of emotions that ultimately shape buyer’s experience and willingness to engage.

This is where key property professionals can offer advice, guidance and ultimately, re-assurance, throughout a nerve-wracking experience. It’s these soft skills that can have a much more profound impact on a buyer than the technical transfer of property.

Important soft skills of a real estate agent:

Pro-active: While facilitating offers and transactions, having an active and aware agent makes all the difference in feeling as though offers and contractual arrangements are attended to, comprehended, and communicated in a timely manner to the seller.

Responsive and communicative: Communication is key, and with so many parties to come to contractual agreements, it is reassuring to feel like an agent has their finger on the pulse of the sale. Even one hour can make a difference in the sale process, so small gestures like confirmation of received communications can put buyers at ease.

Reassuring: It can be easy for real estate agents to get bogged down by administrative tasks – and the element of human touch can be overlooked. A friendly demeanour, plus a reassuring, comforting and confident approach can result in positive reviews and the promise of future business – regardless of all other aspects of the sale.

Important soft skills of a conveyancer:

Clear and direct: Contractual terms and deadlines can have life-changing impacts on buyers. The repercussions of one missed deadline can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this in mind, a clear deadline-driven roadmap of key dates is essential in early communications to buyers.

Explanatory: The conveyancing industry is fraught with technical jargon. For the average Australian, this can prove daunting and overwhelming. As a legal professional, ensuring your client feels comfortable to ask questions will immensely help you and them navigate the complexities of a property transaction.

Empathetic: Buying or selling a property can be a stressful experience for clients. Conveyancers should demonstrate empathy and understanding, acknowledging their clients’ concerns and providing support throughout the transaction process.

Both real estate agents and conveyancers play a pivotal role in being a trusted advisor and advocate for their clients throughout the buying or selling process. By focussing on the soft skills which improve the buying experience, property professionals have the power to make an often-overwhelming experience into a deeply rewarding and fulfilling one.

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