How to foster relationships with all stakeholders in the property journey

Connecting stakeholders throughout the property transaction has been an area requiring improvement for some time, with legal representatives, real estate agents and property buyers and sellers generally disconnected throughout the process. The innovative and upgraded Securexchange dashboard recently launched in New South Wales, supporting greater transparency, and optimising the way professionals in the property industry operate. The new features on Securexchange enhance collaboration, helping to connect and foster relationships with all parties across the process.

How has Securexchange improved the way legal representatives collaborate with real estate agents and clients?

Securexchange has transformed the way legal representatives, real estate agents, and buyers and sellers of a property come together. The platform is an end-to-end solution that digitally connects all parties throughout the property transaction. Replacing a previously manual process, the upgraded Securexchange can help to ease your workflow, ensuring greater collaboration and efficiencies in your day-to-day role.

Connecting legal representatives and real estate agents:

Legal representatives and real estate agents connect at the beginning and end of the property transaction process in Securexchange. The transaction commences with a real estate agent requesting a Contract of Sale from the property seller’s legal representative. The contract is easily shared with the agent in the platform once it has been created. When a property offer has been accepted, real estate agents re-connect with the seller’s legal representative by sending a copy of the Contract of Sale to be dated and exchanged once signed. 

A property purchasers’ legal representative is also connected through Securexchange to review the Contract of Sale.

How Securexchange connects legal representatives and property sellers:

A property seller and legal representative can connect in Securexchange throughout the property transaction for multiple reasons. The seller’s legal representative can create a Contract of Sale for the property, which is then shared with the real estate agent. Later in the process, a seller’s legal representative can safely request clients bank details for funds to be transferred into and initiate the contract to be signed by the accepted buyer. Once the Contract of Sale has been signed by all parties, it can be electronically dates and exchanged.

How Securexchange connects legal representatives and property purchasers:

Property purchasers and legal representatives are connected in Securexchange through reviewing a Contract of Sale. Purchasers connect with their legal representative and invite them into the space to access and review the contract. Legal representatives can also review offers made by their client and request bank account details for funds to be transferred into.

What is the benefit of connecting legal representatives, real estate agents and clients?

Lee Bailie, Head of Property Australia at InfoTrack, said, “the new Securexchange dashboard connects real estate agents, lawyers and conveyancers and the mutual clients, ensuring everything is in one secure environment throughout the length of the property transaction. All parties now have more visibility and transparency, making the process easier and more efficient.” 

Securexchange simplifies property transactions, supporting the process to be completed faster and more efficiently. The platform is collaborative and offers full transparency, so all parties are connected and are aware of what stage the transaction process is at. In contrast, when Securexchange isn’t used for this process, stakeholders are generally disconnected and don’t have the same level of visibility. A huge added benefit of Securexchange is the platform has a strong cybersecurity focus to ensure sensitive information and documents are shared securely. Buying a property is a huge achievement and the benefit of connecting legal representatives, real estate agents and clients means the process is completed faster, more efficiently and securely.

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