Lee Bailie nominated as Cyber Security Champion of the Year finalist

1. How do you feel being nominated as Cyber Security Champion of the Year finalist at the Cyber Security Awards? 

To be nominated in the Cyber Security Champion of the Year category at the 2024 Cyber Security Awards is an honour and I am grateful for this experience. There are many individuals who are deserving of this nomination, and I am humbled to have been recognised amongst professionals who are committed to advancing cyber security in their respective fields.  

Cyber security is a topic I am particularly passionate about and with cybercrime on the rise, most of us have been impacted in some way. It fills me with immense pride to be part of an innovative company and team that is leading the way by creating positive change in the property industry. This nomination truly is a testament to the dedication of the entire team. 


2. What does this recognition mean to you and Securexchange?  

This recognition is significant for the Securexchange team and wider InfoTrack business. It symbolises the unwavering dedication and commitment that we have invested into driving positive change within the property industry. Securexchange launched due to the escalating threat of cybercrime in the property industry, and our mission has been to provide a solution to ensure lawyers, conveyancers and real estate agents can safeguard themselves, their clients, and their brand reputation during property transactions. This ultimately fosters trust and confidence between professionals and their clients throughout one of life’s biggest milestones.  

I am immensely proud of the Securexchange team, and it inspires me to see how this innovative platform that has transformed the way the property industry operates. 


3. How do you champion cyber security within Securexchange?  

In response to the escalating threat of cybercrime the property industry was facing, InfoTrack launched Securexchange in 2019. Headlines about people losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in deposits during property transactions were becoming a regular occurrence in the media, reinforcing that traditional communication methods were no longer secure throughout this process. 

The primary focus of Securexchange is cyber security and we champion this in multiple ways. For example, all users are verified to ensure they are legit and multi-factor authentication is required for everyone entering the workspace. Client funds are also guaranteed up to $1,000,000 when trust or bank details are securely shared within the platform. Securexchange provides security from external threats and mitigates the risk of email interception, preventing the risk of stolen funds. This ensures users can safely share confidential information, trust fund details, and sign and exchange contracts with peace of mind throughout the transaction process.  


4. If you were to be named the winner, what would this mean to you? 

Winning would be a profound achievement and milestone personally, and for Securexchange and wider InfoTrack business. It would acknowledge the hard work, dedication and innovation that has been poured into developing a platform that sets the standard for cyber security excellence in the property industry.

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