PropTech News: Australian-first digital contract comparison tool launches

Back to Newsletter With digital advancements transforming the real estate industry, property technology (Prop Tech) has emerged as a central focus for the sector. Securexchange, a provider of cutting-edge technology, is at the helm of the Prop Tech revolution, developing solutions to make property transactions more streamlined and efficient for all those involved. In our […]

News and insights: the latest developments in the Australian real estate sector

Back to Newsletter How does Australian real estate compare to the rest of the world? It’s undeniable that the Australian housing market has fluctuated dramatically over recent years. Concerns around housing affordability continue to persist, particularly in major cities, yet how does the real estate landscape compare to other countries and cities worldwide? The Australian […]

The next era: embracing the evolution of real estate technology

Back to Newsletter Technology is rapidly influencing every aspect of our lives and it is no surprise that the property industry is experiencing a profound transformation. As real estate professionals, we are aware of the ongoing technological changes and the immense impact they are having on the industry. From virtual tours to streamlining property transactions, […]

News and insights | What’s been happening in the Australian real estate industry

Back to Newsletter Seller’s Disclosure Regime to be introduced as part of new Queensland Property Law Bill 2023 It was announced in October that the Queensland Government passed the Property Law Bill 2023, which will bring a range of changes to Queensland law and replace the Property Law Act 1974. A date for the Bill […]

Exciting new Securexchange features for real estate agents

Back to Newsletter We’ve been working hard to launch an exciting range of improved features in Securexchange for New South Wales, helping to make the property transaction process even more efficient. Our latest features that real estate agents can expect to benefit from include: Request a signed 66W:Simply request a Section 66W from the property purchaser’s […]

How you can simplify transactions during peak property season

Back to Newsletter The property landscape is continually evolving, and it is evident that sales are starting to peak at different times of the year to what we are normally used to. These busy periods in the housing market can significantly impact a professionals workload, particularly lawyers and conveyancers, especially when so many stakeholders are […]

Why cyber security should be a priority as a real estate agent

Back to Newsletter As a real estate agent, it’s evident that the topic of cybercrime and the risk it presents has been prevalent within the property industry for some time. We have all heard the horror stories about funds being stolen throughout transactions and have become aware of what cybercriminals are truly capable of. For […]

Different types of scams and how to identify them

Back to Newsletter It’s evident that cybercrime is on the rise, however last year was particularly eye opening with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions (ACCC Scamwatch) announcing a grim $3.1 billion financial loss due to scams. This figure was unexpected, and most alarmingly an 80% increase to the financial loss Australian’s experienced in 2021. […]