Australian Government and private sector hit by massive cyber attack – 2 ways to protect your firm


On June 19, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a major cyber attack is targeting “Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure.”

While cyber attacks are a concern, it is important to ensure your firm’s data and your clients are protected. InfoTrack’s CEO John Ahern says “InfoTrack’s Infrastructure is protected by multi-layer, multi-vendor Intrusion Prevention systems to ensure our platform and the services we provide you are secure. All of our staff use Multi-Factor authentication and our infrastructure is modern and patched.”

What can you do to protect your own firm in these times?

1. Invest in Cyber Security Awareness training

Cyber security scams and hacking are unfortunately on the rise. Protecting your firm’s private information and keeping your client’s data safe goes a long way to enhancing your reputation and growing your business. Launched in February 2020, InfoTrack partnered with CryptoAustralia to offer you complimentary Cyber Security Awareness Training.

By completing Cyber Security Awareness Training, our clients can learn more about how to identify fraud activity, how to protect yourself from hacking attempts and what to do if your computer is hacked.

For 1 CPD unit, the training can be completed anywhere at any time and covers:

  • What is payment redirection fraud?
  • How does payment redirection fraud work?
  • How to tell if you have been hacked
  • What to do if you get hacked
  • What to ask your IT provider
  • Cyber insurance

The training consists of two 30-minute online presentation modules. To complete the online training and receive certification, both training videos must be watched and the quiz for each section, completed.

2. Use secure solutions to protect your property funds and reputation

It’s not uncommon to communicate account details via email and SMS. However, unsecured methods of communication like this unfortunately leave transactions vulnerable to deposit theft. The property industry has become a huge target for hackers who are intercepting communications and impersonating agents to redirect deposit funds into their own accounts. Securexchange can safeguard your transactions. Securexchange is a complimentary service designed to allow lawyers, conveyancers and real estate agents to securely operate their business from anywhere in the country.

Securexchange can assist you to easily and securely obtain your client account details, without the necessity to try and reach clients to verify confidential details over phone. Feedback about Securexchange highlights that it is reducing administrative steps because of the transparency available in sharing documents, receipts and confidential details. This means one less phone call you need to make throughout the day, at night or on weekends.
With the increase in fraud cases, property lawyers and conveyancers need to protect their clients and give them confidence to transfer large amounts of money. Securexchange gives both you and your client peace of mind that transferred funds are safe and secure.

Cyber security is now more important than ever before, and it is crucial to use secure platforms. InfoTrack’s suite of cloud-based products have been built for lawyers to use anywhere, anytime ensuring their firms remain productive and efficient. To find out how you can keep your firm safe from hacking, get started with InfoTrack today.


Protect yourself and your clients with Securexchange