Whether you’re a lawyer or conveyancer representing the buyer or seller of a property, Securexchange makes the sales transaction process more efficient for legal representatives.

In Securexchange, the legal representatives of a property seller can:

  • Create a Contract of Sale and share this with the real estate agent.
  • Send necessary documents for signing.
  • Exchange the Contract of Sale once all parties have signed and it’s ready to be exchanged.

Legal representatives of the property purchaser can:

  • Review the Contract of Sale on behalf of the purchaser.
  • Request bank account details for outgoing funds.

A positive client experience is priority, therefore it’s ideal to consider using modern technology so this exciting milestone can be completed in a simple, more efficient and seamless way. In addition, Securexchange also provides premium protection from cybercrime and guarantees fund transfers, so all parties have peace of mind throughout a property transaction when using the platform.