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Whether you’re protecting your next property purchase or the home you’re selling, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to real estate fraud and risk losing your hard-earned funds.

Ask your agent, lawyer or conveyancer if they’re an Authorised User of Securexchange for peace of mind when it comes to transferring property funds.

Property transactions have become a huge target for fraudsters looking to intercept money transfers. It’s no longer safe to send your account details via email as hackers have developed sophisticated ways to intercept these communications and divert funds to fraudulent accounts.

Securexchange protects your money from hackers by providing a safe environment to pass on your account details to the other parties.   

Ask your real estate agent, lawyer or conveyancer about Securexchange today.


There were 24,291 phishing attempts reported to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission in 2018. (Source)


Up to 50% of reported data breaches are attributed to phishing attacks.

$1.9 mil

The average cost to a business hit by a successful cyber attack is $1.9 million.

Source: as reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch.