Can a digital legal platform reduce the security concerns for electronic conveyancing?

Security concerns for electronic conveyancing are becoming an increasing problem for the legal and property sector. Practitioners must balance the convenience and efficiency of digital platforms with the risks associated with transferring and storing property data in a digital manner. Some professionals believe that nothing is more secure than traditional, [...]

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Protect your clients from cyber fraud using your Practice Management Software and integrated solutions

With the demand for housing and property prices currently at an all-time high, sales volumes are now 116% higher when compared to this time last year. As such, the competition is rife, and the need for security and efficiency is increasing. Cyber criminals follow the money, and in doing so aim to capture personal details.  In the [...]

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‘Pure cyber crime’ set to rise as a third of Australians report attacks. Here’s how to protect yourself and your firm

Today, Flinders University released a report showing “A third of Australians have been the targets of cyber crime” at least once in their lives.” The study polled approximately 12,000 Australians, and found that roughly 2.8 million Australians had been impacted by this type of attack within the past year, and [...]

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Why every business has a responsibility to take cybercrime seriously

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is responsible for strengthening Australians cyber resilience and building awareness in both the business and consumer sectors.  This group manages “ReportCyber”, a government initiative which facilitates the reporting of cybercrime incidents and scams against Australians. Up until June 2020, the group saw over 57,000 [...]

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Lee Bailie talks to Ticker TV about Cybercrime

Cyber crime and hacking is on the rise and the property industry is at particular risk because of the large amounts of funds being transferred. Our very own Lee Bailie, Head of Securexchange spoke to Ticker TV about developing the innovative, secure technology that is supporting lawyers, conveyancers, real estate [...]

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Fighting real estate cybercrime: Know the risks and stay alert

Unsuspecting real estate agents are being tricked into redirecting funds and disclosing sensitive private information with an increasing number of cyberattacks on the Australian property industry. However, businesses can make it harder for these faceless criminals to operate by being educated, investing in secure systems and most importantly staying alert, [...]

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Protect your Agency and Your Client’s Property Deposit From Scammers

Published by REIQ. Read the original article here: Email scams cost Australians millions of dollars a year. Unfortunately, for the property industry, cybercrime is reported every ten minutes in Australia, which means property funds have the attention of scammers.   While the exact level of activity in the property industry is very hard to quantify, there [...]

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