How the new Securexchange is making business easier

Buying a property is one of the most exciting milestones people can experience, however it can often be an overwhelming and manual process. Securexchange recently launched an exciting upgrade, implementing new features which supports collaboration and transparency, ultimately optimising the way property professionals operate. Whilst the platform is dedicated to simplifying the process of a property transaction, it is also renowned for its cyber-security, an integral element for legal representatives who need to protect their clients from falling victim to fraudulent activity. So how does this technology make business easier for legal professionals?

From a legal perspective

Being the only space that connects real estate agents, legal representatives, buyers and sellers of a property together, Securexchange has been a game changer for property industry professionals. The platform makes business easier through its efficiency and provides complete transparency for all parties involved in the property transaction process. Multiple workspaces can be created in the platform, so documents and communications for different clients can be held in separate, secure spaces.

Key features for legal professionals include:

• Having the capability to invite vendors or purchasers of a property into the space to commence the transaction process.
• As the vendors representative, create and share a Contract of Sale with the real estate agent.
• As a purchaser’s representative, review the Contract of Sale received from the real estate agent.
• Request funds and bank account details.

Badr Khabbaz, National Manager at Securexchange, explains, “transparency along the sales matter journey is a very manual process and has room for improvement. Securexchange is an efficient and easy to use platform where all required information is instantly available for review throughout the property transaction process. Only verified users can access the platform and sensitive information is shared in a cyber-safe way, providing peace of mind.” 

One secure workspace

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s essential for legal representatives to take relevant steps to protect their firm, clients, and their reputation. Cybercriminals are becoming progressively smarter when it comes to hacking and intercepting emails, leaving people in a vulnerable position if they are exchanging confidential information, such as bank account and trust details, via traditional communication methods. If a hacking attempt was to be successful, it can lead to serious financial loss and have considerable consequences for a firm’s reputation.

The dashboard provides one secure workspace to exchange sensitive information, contracts and funds. Only verified users have access to the platform and for added security, multi-factor authentication is required every time a user logs in. Processes that provide peace of mind to legal representatives and their clients.  

Making the buying process easier for clients

At the end of the day, we know that your client relationships are integral in business, so it’s paramount that they have a positive experience throughout the property buying process. Securexchange has been designed with the client in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience and accessible space for you and your clients. Clients have full transparency throughout each stage of the property transaction, making the process easier and more convenient. For efficiency, buyers can scan a QR code to review the Contract of Sale for a property and share this with their legal representative. Clients can share information seamlessly with multiple parties, helping to simplify and accelerate the process.

Securexchange optimises the way professionals in the property industry operate by digitally connecting a property transaction. It’s a one-of-a-kind, collaborative platform where confidential information, contracts and funds can be exchanged securely in one easy workspace. The new dashboard has officially launched in New South Wales with other states to soon follow.  

Protect yourself and your clients with Securexchange