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PropTech News: Australian-first digital contract comparison tool launches

With digital advancements transforming the real estate industry, property technology (Prop Tech) has emerged as a central focus for the sector.

Securexchange, a provider of cutting-edge technology, is at the helm of the Prop Tech revolution, developing solutions to make property transactions more streamlined and efficient for all those involved.

In our ongoing pursuit of innovation, we are thrilled to launch a groundbreaking contract comparison tool for platform users in New South Wales. This is a monumental milestone and an impressive Australian-first, setting a new benchmark for property technology solutions.

Lee Bailie, Head of Property Australia elaborates, “The new digital contract comparison tool is a feature that has been in the works for many months and one we are immensely proud to launch. This is an Australian-first and not only represents a technological milestone, but it is a true testament to Securexchange’s commitment to revolutionising and innovating property transactions.”

What is the contract comparison tool?

Our AI-assisted contract comparison tool utilises advanced technology, such as Textract and PDF highlighting, to digitally identify differences between two contracts of sale. This advanced feature enhances the contract comparison process, enabling real estate agents to seamlessly navigate through each difference and saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually comparing documents prior to exchange. 

The comparison tool has an impressive 97% accuracy rate and is continually improving with each use.

The modern agent sells digitally

Securexchange is an award-winning digital platform that connects real estate agents with all parties in a property transaction. The workspace has been a game changer in supporting agents to accelerate their property sales and complete them more transparently, collaboratively, and securely.

What can you do in Securexchange?

  • Create individual workspaces for each property sale.
  • Request a Contract of Sale from a lawyer or conveyancer.
  • Invite parties into the workspace and share trust account details.
  • Track the progress of a sale and receive notifications when updates are made.
  • Exchange the Contract of Sale once all parties have signed and it is ready to be dated and exchanged.
  • Stay protected from external threats and prevent the risk of email fraud and stolen funds.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about the new contract comparison tool and how Securexchange can enhance your agency’s processes, book a complimentary demonstration. Alternatively, watch our video below for a short preview of how Securexchange works.

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