Can a digital legal platform reduce the security concerns for electronic conveyancing?

Security Concerns for Electronic Conveyancing

Security concerns for electronic conveyancing are becoming an increasing problem for the legal and property sector. Practitioners must balance the convenience and efficiency of digital platforms with the risks associated with transferring and storing property data in a digital manner. Some professionals believe that nothing is more secure than traditional, manual document lodging and settlements. However, there is another way. Digital platforms like, Securexchange, challenge the theory that manual processes are more effective in protecting against cyber crime. Here’s why: 

1. Digital platforms save time and money

Using a digital platform for property transactions eliminates the usual challenges that face practitioners, real estate agents and clients, saving time and money all round. A digital platform offers users flexibility, efficiency, autonomy and transparency- things that are difficult to achieve in traditional property transactions. However, the majority of digital platforms designed for property transactions do not offer an end-to-end solution, nor do they eliminate security concerns.

Securexchange offers a complete digital platform for property exchange and reforms the way property professionals and consumers keep up with the demands of a property sale or purchase whilst mitigating the risks of cybercrime. The platform also uses multi-factor authentication by SMS which confirms that it is you entering the space. This end-to-end process is the only technology innovation on the market which streamlines the property transaction process, whilst satisfying insurers against cyber security risks. The many safeguards within Securexchange ensure that cyber security is a priority, utilising technology that not only identifies cybersecurity threats, but also evaluates and addresses them. 

2. Digital platforms are easy to use

Another reservation of practitioners when faced with the decision to change to a digital platform is the ease of use. It is necessary that the technology you select to protect your firm against cyber threats is user friendly and accessible to practitioners of all levels of computer literacy. Streamlined and easy to use, clients of Securexchange have described feeling competent in using the platform after the first couple of transactions. Liane from CCQ Law stated that “the setup is easy and raised what our company does to another level”.

Securexchange is changing the way people think about the conveyancing industry and the way they do business. General Manager, Lee Bailie explained that “Securexchange connects the property industry in a virtual workspace, improving the experience for all stakeholders”. 

3. Digital platforms eliminate paper document challenges

Digital platforms provide additional security as they contain information safely. Traditional paper methods of storing information do not require multi-factor authentication which means if the documents are left unsecured or are lost, the information is at liberty for anyone to view. Moving to a digital platform eliminates this risk, as well as cutting down on the storage, handling and destruction issues associated with a large amount of paper documents.

The legal industry has embraced digital processes and leaning on technology for efficiencies, however processes around the security for electronic conveyancing is the last piece of the puzzle. Securexchange provides a digital solution to a traditionally manual process. It combines the ease and speed of computerised systems with the highest security standards. With the innovation currently complimentary to all InfoTrack clients and integrated into Practice Management Systems LEAP, Smokeball, Actionstep and Konekta it has never been easier to incorporate Securexchange into your daily practices. If you would like a demonstration on Securexchange, express your interest today. 

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