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Securexchange for New Zealand Professionals

Request. Share. Sign. Exchange.
All-in-one easy workspace

New Zealand lawyers have adopted Securexchange to ensure the secure execution of all their property matters. You can easily request, share, sign, and exchange contracts of sale as well as sensitive information including bank details in one secure workspace.

Features and Benefits of Securexchange


Share account details in a secure environment accessible only to an authorised network of verified users.

Easy to use

Easy to use Quickly and securely share sensitive documents and information in under 2 minutes

Financial Guarantee

Your client’s funds are protected up to $1,000,000 when trust or bank details are securely shared within Securexchange

End-to-end workflow

For any documents related to a property transaction

Gold-plated service

Superior security and service for your clients without compromising simplicity

Track your progress easily

Get instant notifications when an action is completed or new parties join the transaction

How it works

Who’s involved

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